Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

…Or maybe not. If you’re thinking about switching to Orion, check out these seven steps for a smooth transition!

Step 1: Open your new account with a small deposit.

Step 2: Make a list of all the automatic payments and deposits that are scheduled to go in and out of your old account each month.

Step 3: If you have direct deposit, ask your employer to reroute your paychecks to your new account. Find out what date the first deposit will occur.

Step 4: Once you know the date, reschedule each automatic payment or debit to come out of your new account, make sure to ask what date the change will apply.

Step 5: Leave a small amount of cash in your old checking account for at least one more month.

Step 6: Once you’re sure all automatic payments and all direct deposits are coming and going from your new account, electronically transfer the final funds from your old account into the new account.

Step 7: After the transfer clears in your new account, follow the procedures for closing an account at your old financial institution. Make sure to obtain written confirmation that your account is closed.

For more details, visit Defend Your Dollars, a site run by Consumers Union.