Don’t Keep These In Your Wallet.

You carry your wallet with you everywhere. While it may be easier to keep everything in one place, it can also mean big problems if your wallet gets lost or stolen. Plus, who wants to lug around a heavy, overstuffed wallet anyway?

Spare Keys. Your home address and a spare key? That’s an invitation for more harm. Sure, you could change the locks, but that’s more money out of your pocket.

Checks. Blank checks are like a treasure chest for theives! Plus, it’s easy access to your account and routing numbers which could lead to transferred funds down the road.

Passport.  This can unlock a number of possibilities including traveling in your name, opening bank accounts or even getting a new copy of your Social Security card.

Password Cheat Sheet. We know it’s hard to remember all of them. And it’s ok to have a cheat sheet, just don’t keep it in your wallet.

Birth Certificate and Social Security Card. Enough said! These are some of the most important documents in your life. Don’t give someone access to them.

Medicare Card. It also contains your social security number.

When you’re finsished lightening your load, take a second to photocopy everything you left in there and keep it in a safe place. That way you’re not left wondering “What did I have in there!?” when reporting a stolen wallet.