You’ve Lost it.

You carry it with you everywhere and you use it for almost everything. You may even consider it one of you most valuable possesions. But now you can’t find it and you feel like your world is coming to an end.

What are we talking about? Your smart phone, of course.

Losing your phone is more than an inconvenience. So, while you still have it, take preventative steps to minimize the damage and, if you do lose it, don’t just wait to see if it turns up. The sooner you follow these steps, the better protected you (and your peace of mind) will be.

Preventative Steps

  • Put a password on it – and make it difficult to guess!
  • Back up your data. Sync your phone regularly so you can quickly revocer your data and get back to normal life.

Call Your Phone

  • Let’s face it, sometimes we hit the panic button a little too early. Try calling your phone first – it may be under the couch, between the cushions…. or sitting on the table in front of you.

Use the App

  • So, you didn’t hear your phone ring. Most smart phones have GPS-based apps that allow you to “track” your device from a family or friend’s phone. Use the app and find your phone!

Call the Carrier

  • You used the app, but you still haven’t found your phone. It’s probably time to call your carrier and tell them your phone is lost or stolen. Be sure to mention you want all features disabled and data removed – that way,  your phone is now useless to a theif.

Contact the Police

  • There’s only one reason you should call the police about your missing cell phone: Your 100% positive your phone was stolen and you want to file a police report. Why? If you have phone insurance, your carrier will likely require the police report.