Most everyone understands the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. But sometimes finding time to work out and spend time with your family can be a challenge. So, why not combine the two? Here’s some tips on how to sneak getting fit into your family life while having fun at the same time!

Treat exercising more like play time. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Ride bikes, roller skate, jump on the trampoline – they’re fun and they burn calories!

Throw a dance party. Pick the music and boogie. Show off new moves or pull out old favorites. Go crazy!

Add competition. A little competition is healthy!  Try sports like basketball, football, softball or soccer. And don’t forget, kids love to race – leapfrog and obstacle courses can jazz up the good ol’ footrace. While you’re at it, put it on your calendar and make it a weekly/monthly occurrence. Don’t forget to keep it exciting and switch up the teams every now and then:  Girls vs. Boys, Parents vs. Kids, Husband vs. Wife!

Combine with chores. Sometimes your chore list can burn calories – walk the dog, garden or do yard work!

Explore, learn and give. Walk, ride or run while exploring a local park, your neighborhood or one close by. You could also sign up for a local charity race and walk or run for a good cause.