Ideas to Avoid Money Fights


Most couples argue at some point. Some fight a little and some fight a lot. But almost all couples have fought about money. Whether it’s about spending too much, not saving enough or control, if you’ve fought about it, you’re not alone. The problem? Most couples have the same arguments time and time again. So what can you do to make it right?


Set realistic goals. Setting goals will put you on a clean path to success. Be respectful, understanding and most importantly, work together.

Get organized. The more organized you are, the better prepared you will be to tackle the big issues. Keep your bills and financial information in one place so both of you will have unrestricted access.

Be honest. Don’t lie about your spending or hide debt from each other. You’re better able to control your finances when you know the truth.

Make it a date. We know it can be hard to talk about money, so order takeout, grab a bottle of wine and talk about your finances.

Automate. Want less arguments? Make fewer decisions! Forcing yourself to save a little each month is not only painless, you’ll see you can easily make do with little less.

Pay bills together. Share the responsibility! This can also help to make sure you’re both aware of what’s going out.

Don’t play the blame game. You’re in this together so be supportive and work as a team.

Discover when to discuss it. Timing can be everything. If you know the right time to bring it up, talking about your finances could be a positive and productive conversation.

Reward yourself. Are you achieving the goals you set? Treat yourself!

Get help. Sometimes the emotions are too high and getting a third-party involved is your best bet.