Orion Gives Back to Hope House

Hope House_Blog

Orion is proud to announce Hope House as the February focus of our Orion Gives Back program.

Hope House is a local organization dedicated to serving the tiniest victims of HIV/AIDS in Memphis and is the only facility in the state of Tennessee designed to meet the unique needs of HIV affected children.

Hope House opened in 1995 after a group of volunteers from the Junior League of Memphis discovered that women affected by HIV had special needs. Now almost 50 children and 150 adults receive hope from this house, along with auxiliary services, all focused on making the quality of life better.

Hope House provides each child with care based on their nutritional, physical, and intellectual needs while providing a stable environment in which they can address the impact of HIV in their lives. Hope House also strives to help the parents of these children in any way possible. From helping these adults cope with the horrible reality of HIV/AIDS to providing them with transportation, education, housing, and counseling, Hope House plays a vital role in their lives.

To learn more about how you can change lives by giving hope, visit www.hopehousememphis.org.