Picnic Perfect.

picnic2_1Summer and picnics go together. And they’re such a pleasure! Who doesn’t like eating tasty meals al fresco in a beautiful place? While most are family oriented, they’re all personal. We choose where we eat, who we’re with and what we serve.
And whether it’s a barbecue, a potluck or just wine and cheese, we all know it’s the spirit, not the food, that makes this meal special. So get out and enjoy your friends, family and a special meal outside this summer with these quick tips!

When packing up:
– Remember to choose foods that don’t need to stay cool like bread and fruits.
– Pack any perishable items in a cooler with plenty of ice.
– Don’t forget hand sanitizer or wipes! Things can get messy.

Cooler tips:
– Clean your cooler before using it.
– Prechill your cooler items.
– Use reusable ice packs instead of ice – they last longer and there’s less clean up.
– Store ice for drinks in separate plastic bags.
– Pack items in the order that you plan to use them.
– Travel with your cooler in the air-condidtioned part of your car – not the hot trunk.

At your picnic:– Don’t set food out until it’s time to dig in.
– Place coolers in whatever shade is available and make sure it stays closed.
– After eating, throw away food that’s been out for more than two hours.