Cut Your Cell Phone Bill.

From talking to texting to surfing and more, phones can do a lot these days! It’s tempting to take advantage of them all, but being connected can really add up. Try these tips to save on your monthly cell phone bill.

Negotiate. You’ve got a lot of options when choosing a cell phone carrier and they’re all willing to compete for your business. With that in mind, you may be able to bargain for waived fees or rebate offers that save you cash.

Sign up for the right plan. If you find yourself texting and emailing more than you’re calling, you may not need that 1,000-minute calling plan. Be sure to check your monthly usage and adjust your plan to fit your current lifestyle.

Family plans. Don’t use up valuable minutes when calling your family members. Most providers offer plans that significantly reduce rates when multiple family members sign up together. Check it out!

Shop around for accessories. Phone cases, headphones and chargers are sold on pretty much every street corner these days. Your phone provider probably offers the most expensive options, so be sure to shop around.

WIFI. Data usage accounts for big bucks on your smartphone bill – especially if you go over your time. Instead of using your 3G/4G minutes, check for free wi-fi and save your data for later use.