The End of Summer Means the Start of School


Shop smart this school year.

Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or the last year of college, getting your kids Back-to-School ready can be costly. And as the school mindset kicks in, students and parents alike are starting to question how they’re going to pay for it all. With tuition, supplies, rent, books, clothes, backpacks and more, the expenses can really add up.

We understand the impact that back to school time can have on your finances. No student should have to go without their school necessities just because you’re a little short on cash. Make the new school year easier on your wallet, and save money with our incredibly low, Back to School Loan rates.

You could also try these tips to help save even more:

• Know what you need before you go.
School websites and office supply stores feature schools’ checklists – and sticking to that list will help you save.

• Try to make do with the supplies you already have.
Scour the house for items already on-hand. If the kids still have pencils from last year, reuse them!

• Buy only what you need.
Remember, it won’t be the end of the world when there’s only 24 choices for a crayon color instead of 96.

• Shop early.
Loss leaders (products offered at prices below their actual cost to get you in the store) pop up early in discount stores and office supply stores.

• Shop around.
There’s no rule that you have to buy everything you need at one store. You could save big by shopping around!

• Shop late.
Sure, there are back to school sales the week or so before school. But if you wait until after school starts, you’ll really see the savings!