Helping Kids Focus on Homework

homeworkGetting kids to do their homework can be a battle. From friends, to TV shows to electronics, it’s hard for them to focus on doing anything – let alone something they hate. Help them focus with these quick tips!

Set a time. While it doesn’t have to be the same time every day, set a daily schedule and stick to it – it’s important! Making sure everyone is on the same page can also help avoid fights.

Hire a tutor. Your child may need extra one-on-one attention. A tutor can help keep them on topic and push them to complete assignments.

Remove distractions. If your child is able to see a computer, video game, TV or phone, they’re probably distracted. Avoid this by creating a separate space for homework that’s quiet.

Ask questions. Resisting homework may be a sign that they don’t understand it. Stay involved with your child’s life and keep communication open. That way, if they’re having difficulties, they will come to you.  Review their homework and offer helpful suggestions.

Positive Reinforcement. Praise and encouragement can go a long way!