Orion Teacher of the Month: Candace Allen

Every day throughout the year, teachers make an impact in our community.  The Orion Teacher of the Month Award is our way of honoring exemplary teachers at our adopted school, Kate Bond Elementary, and saying “thank you” for all their hard work.

We are delighted to introduce this month’s winner,  Candace Allen!  Ms. Allen teaches Pre K Special Needs at KBE.  She has been with the school for 8 years and has been a teacher for 23 years.  Congratulations, Candace!

allen pic2
Candace Allen

Kate Bond Elementary says:
She is always smiling! She cares so much about each of her students and their families. She is a team player and helps out whenever she can. She does not let her students’ disabilities slow her down. She has high expectations for each student and they rise up to meet those expectations. She does an awesome job to make sure they are ready for kindergarten!

Ms. Allen says:
I LOVE showing my kids off! I like to show other people how smart my kids are, because most people hear “ SPED PRE-K” and think we babysit, but there is some serious learning going on in Room 4 and my babies are kindergarten ready!

allen pic3