Celebrating Financial Literacy Month, Part II

We’ve had a wonderful time this April partnering with Kate Bond Elementary to celebrate Financial Literacy Month.  The teachers and staff have enthusiastically shared our dedication to providing students with learning opportunities that center on money management.

This week was especially fun: we opened our doors for field trips and welcomed two groups of 3rd and 5th graders for a behind-the-scenes look at how a credit union works.  We loved the energy and buzz that filled our normally quiet work spaces as VP of Retail Tara Smith lead the students through our Kate Bond Branch and corporate offices.  Department managers provided mini-presentations on Lending, Marketing, Collections, Call Center Operations, and Training.  The kids were full of questions, and loved learning how they could relate each department function to their own life experiences.

We hope all the students who visited enjoyed their trip, learned a lot, and will remember their friends at Orion!

5th grade $100 bill
One of the most popular stops was the branch. Manager George Bravos awed the students with a tour of the vault, an explanation of various branch security features, a demonstration of the money dispensers at teller row, and the security features of the new $100 bill.
2%group with Henry
Marketing was another popular department with Manager Henry Ellis explaining the branding concepts behind Orion’s trademark blue hand, and asking the kids to join him in a 2% sign photo shoot. Retail Director Michele Holmes helped add to the fun, handing out special tees to the kids to commemorate their visit.
5th grade with Adriana
The Learning Institute was an eye-opening stop: Training Specialist Adriana Rodriguez impressed the 5th graders with the fact that adults have to go to class too, even when they have jobs!
5th grade with Jason
The kids even got to visit the executive floor, where CFO Jason Lee reminded them that the surest way to financial success later in life is to work hard and do their best in school. He then graciously fielded such questions as, “How tall are you?” and “Is your job fun?”

5th grade group