OrionTeachersIt’s Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to recognize and thank all the hard working men and women leading our classrooms.  Their commitment to the academic success of our children is the foundation on which our city’s future lies. There’s no more important job in the world!

Teachers are especially important to Orion, since we were founded almost 60 years ago by teachers, to serve teachers.  Though our name has changed, our commitment to serving Memphis area teachers never will.  We are proud to support them, both in the classroom through our school adoptions, and out of the classroom as the financial institution they can count on when they need a low cost loan or free checking account.

To all our teachers, and all the sacrifices they make on behalf of the students in their care, thank you!

We’ll be celebrating Memphis area teachers all week long – join in by sharing your thank you messages and photos of your favorite teachers with us here and on social media, using the hashtag #ILoveTNTeachers.

love teachers