Spotlight on: The Pink Palace

Cathi Johnson bCathi Johnson is the Director of Philanthropy at the Pink Palace Family of Museums.  We love her passion for introducing Memphis children to her organization, and her dedication to ensuring every child has the opportunity to visit and be inspired by its treasures.  Enjoy this special guest post she has written for us, as we salute the Pink Palace this month as our giving-back partner:

The Pink Palace Family of Museums is a Memphis landmark that provides fond memories for all who grew up in the Mid-South. We continue to serve 200,000 school kids each year, seeking to turn them on to science and history in interactive and lively ways. These kids are our future leaders, our future work force. Being turned on to science and history as children will help lead them to productivity as adults.

We turn all kinds of kids on to science and history! In October, the Pink Palace Museum will host members of the Autistic community for a special Science Night. We welcome patients of St. Jude and Le Bonheur, along with their families, free of charge. Children in Title I schools get deep discounts on admission to ensure no child is excluded because of a family’s inability to pay. Gifts to the Museum are used to continue providing this resource for all kids in our community.

Lichterman Nature Center is one member of our family of museums. Lichterman opens up a world of wonder for children who live in concrete worlds. We introduce them to nature in a safe, controlled environment, where they learn not to fear nature, but to embrace it with respect. We believe children who love and embrace nature will protect their world – an important goal for the children who will lead us in the future.

Every day, we hear people say how much they love the Pink Palace Museum, yet follow that statement with the number of years since they were last here. The Museum is more than a shrunken head and an iconic Polar Bear. It has surprises around every turn! In addition, the CTI 3D Giant Theater offers a new educational and entertaining movie 4-5 times every year, and now offers ‘Blast from the Past’ movies such as the Harry Potter series (showing Saturdays in September). The Planetarium will reopen in January 2016 with new technology, new seats, new equipment. The Pink Palace Museum is definitely a destination attraction!

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! In 2016, the Mansion will close for renovation, reopening as a showcase of Memphis history in the early 20th century. The Exhibition building will also be renovated, with rolling sectional closings 2017-2019. We have artists renderings of what the NEW Pink Palace Museum will look like. Come on over to take a look.

Visit the Pink Palace Museum again, and reacquaint yourself with your childhood memories. It’s the same great place – yet so different. You’ll find yourself turned on to science and history!