Chip Cards are Coming

EMV FAQ cardReady for the switch to EMV?  Here’s a quick question and answer guide about the why’s and how’s of your new chip card – we’ll be mailing them to our members soon!

Why is Orion issuing me a new debit/credit card?
Your new Mastercard will be an EMV Chip card. Chip cards have advanced technology that provides you with greater protection against fraud when making in-store purchases. Issuing new cards is the best way for us to keep all our members, their personal information and their money, safe.

Do you use a chip card differently?
Yes. Instead of swiping your card, you’ll now insert it into a terminal or dip it into a reader and leave it in place while it processes. A little more patience will be required – if a card is quickly stuck in and pulled out of a reader or terminal, the transaction will likely be denied. Just like your old card, you’ll still either enter your PIN or provide your signature to complete your purchase.

Will my Personal Identification Number (PIN) change?
Yes. After you receive your new card, you will receive a new four-digit PIN in a separate mailer. You can use that, or you change your PIN at any Orion ATM or call the VRU# on your card to change it.

What if a retailer doesn’t have a chip reader terminal?
Your new card will still have a magnetic stripe on the back. So if you come across a merchant who has not made the transition yet, you can still swipe your card as you do today.

Still have questions?  Give us a call at 901-385-5200.