Orion Teachers of the Month!

Visiting one of our adopted schools is always a fun and uplifting experience. From the hugs we receive in the hallways to the surprised smiles when we drop in on classrooms, we always end up feeling like we receive far more than we give.  And that was the case today, as our Kate Bond branch manager, George Bravos, presented the Orion Teacher of the Month Awards for October and November to two very special teachers at Kate Bond Elementary.

Help us recognize and celebrate these extraordinary educators – congratulate them in the comments section, and share a story about a teacher that made an impact on you!


Orion’s November Teacher of the Month, Sebrina Patton.

patton2Ms. Patton has been making a difference in classrooms for 15 years.  She has been a 5th grade teacher at Kate Bond Elementary for the past 2.

From Ms. Patton –

The most memorable experience I’ve had as a teacher was receiving my Reading Language Arts scores back from the state this school year. I finally had scores that beat the school, district, and the state in all categories!

My mission is to grow as an educator.  I grew up around a group of individuals who always wanted me to be the best I could be. There are several things that motivate me as a teacher: delivering quality instruction to my students, mentoring novice teachers, accepting feedback positively, and collaborating with individuals who want to thrive in the education field.

I teach because I truly love the teaching and learning process. I want to help children achieve their best and to assist teachers who want to grow!

From her peers –

Ms. Patton always wants what is best for her students.  Her lessons are hands-on and the students are always actively involved. She is a great role model, remaining calm no matter what the circumstances.  She never refuses to help another teacher, whether it means sharing ideas or allowing them to come and observe her lessons. We are privileged to have her at Kate Bond Elementary.

 Congratulations, Ms. Patton!

Patton with George NOV
George Bravos, Kate Bond Branch Manager, and Sebrina Patton


Orion’s October Teacher of the Month, Marsha Adams.


Ms. Adams has dedicated her life to teaching.  For 30 years she has been in classrooms, helping students learn and grow.  She has been spent the past 4 years at Kate Bond Elementary, teaching 4th Grade Reading and Social Studies.

From Ms. Adams-

What makes my day: anytime a students shows me his/her book and says, “I love this book!”

Favorite quote: “There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.” (Frank Serafina)

From her fellow teachers-

Ms. Adams comes to school every day 1 ½ hours early to tutor 4th graders who need extra support. She rarely misses a day of school. She is always talking to other teachers in her grade and in 5th grade to see what strategies they are using and how she can become a better teacher.  She genuinely loves her students and wants each child to succeed. She will stay late after school to help a student if a need arises. She has a great rapport with her students’ parents and keeps them informed of their child’s progress. She LOVES reading – something you can’t help but notice anytime you step into her classroom!

Congratulation Ms. Adams!

Adams with George2
Marsha Adams and George Bravos, Kate Bond Branch Manager