Orion Teacher of the Month- Alison Garland

The Orion Teacher of the Month for December is Alison Garland


Ms. Garland has been a teacher for 7 years.  She has been at Kate Bond Elementary for the past 2, teaching English as a second language to 2nd Grade students.  She serves as the grade chair for the English as Second Language Program(ESL).

Ms. Garland is known throughout the school for her contributions to their ESL program, and was recently recognized by SCS as one of its strongest ESL vocabulary teachers.  She was selected to be part of an instructional video the district is producing for all teachers who have ESL students in their classrooms.  The video will feature Ms. Garland demonstrating the vocabulary strategies she uses and will be distributed district-wide for training.

From her peers:

Ms. Garland is a true team player.  She sets high expectations for her students and is willing to put in the necessary hours to ensure their success.  Her energy and positive attitude transfers to her colleagues and to the children in her care.  It is a joy to observe her in the classroom – her love for her students is so evident!