Orion Gives Back: Grizzlies Prep

The March 2016 focus of Orion Gives Back is Grizzlies Prep School.

grizzprep logo

Grizzlies Prep is an all-boys charter middle-school created and sponsored by the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies.  They opened their doors in 2012 with a challenging curriculum focusing on math and literacy. They emphasize hard work, commitment, discipline and accountability and a mentoring program to help students succeed.

The school is unique in its ambitious efforts to increase students’ academic success.  Its culture of commitment includes a nine-hour school day in which students have the opportunity to study electives like gardening and cooking, in addition to their core courses in math, science and English.  This is coupled with strong community partnerships.  Organizations like Youth Villages provide counselors who work with families of students having trouble. Area business leaders make lunch visits, and men from the community are regularly recruited to read with and mentor students in small groups.  Last but not least is the active presence of the Grizzlies. Players, coaches and other franchise members visit and interact with the students directly.

To learn more about the school and the ways you can support, visit grizzliesprep.org.