Employee Spotlight: Renelle Valentine

Today’s spotlight is on Renelle Anderson Valentine, an Orion employee for 4 years and one of the many smiling faces you’ll find when you visit our American Way branch.

Renelle began her career at Orion as a Teller II, but her hard work and impressive skill-set was quickly noticed and led to a string of promotions. She now finds herself in the role of Assistant Branch Manager at Orion’s newest branch. But Renelle doesn’t just excel on the job – she excels at life.  She recently married and became a parent, all while pursuing an MBA.  And if that wasn’t enough to show she’s a go-getter, she’s also an active member of the Memphis Urban League of Young Professionals who volunteers in the community on a regular basis.  Despite that incredibly busy schedule, she graciously found time to sit down and answer 5 questions for us.

Five questions with Renelle Valentine

Favorite hangout:

Historical figure you most identify with:
Michelle Obama

Talent you would most like to have:
I’d like to be either a computer wiz or a stock market guru.

Most treasured possession:
Matching rings that my twin sister bought us for our 25th birthday.

Favorite writer:
Maya Angelou