Back to School with Havenview

SCS Superintendent Dorsey Hobson, with Trevia Chatman, Orion BDO (left) and Robin Parsons, Orion Branch Manager (right) SCS Superintendent Dorsey Hopson visiting Havenview on the first day back to school, with Trevia Chatman, Orion BDO (left) and Robin Parsons, Orion Branch Manager (right)

Supporting our education community is one of the best ways to invest in a bright future for our city.  We’ve witnessed first-hand, so many times, the lift that students, teachers and families get when we lend a hand to neighborhood schools.

Back to school season has become a favorite time at Orion to show our support.  This year, one school in particular, out of the 9 we have adopted, needed a special boost: Havenview Middle School.  Havenview is part of the newly created Whitehaven Empowerment Zone, the first of five schools to undergo the initiative rollout.  We wanted to do something extra to show our support and let them know we are rooting for their success.

On the Friday before the first day of school, a team of 6 Orion employees visited the campus to deliver a truckload of donations:

First were 6 new bicycles – 2 for each grade – as a prize incentive for students to achieve perfect attendance.

Second – supplies for the campus bookstore.  Bulk purchases from our corporate office, supplemented by many generous donations from our employees, filled the empty shelves of Havenview’s bookstore with much-needed basic everyday items.

Last, we treated the teachers to lunch and spirit-day tees.

On the first day of school, our entire Whitehaven Branch staff was on hand to celebrate this new chapter in Havenview’s journey.  To new principal Darla Young and the entire staff and faculty of HMS, we wish you the best of success!

group shot
Our Whitehaven Team at Havenview. Fromt Left to Right: Tequita Shipp, Viquetta Williams, Lincoln Harris, Wahpillar Sonkarley, Brandon Irons. DeMia Mays, photobomb!

whitehaven branch at school

bikes group shot