A Pledge to LeBonheur

safe kids bannerWe wanted to take a minute to introduce a new partnership that we’re extremely proud to be part of.  This year, Orion made a  3-year commitment to sponsor and support the Injury Prevention and Safe Kids program at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

What is Safe Kids?

Safe Kids Mid-South is LeBonheur’s community outreach program that aims to reduce the overwhelming numbers of accidental childhood injuries and deaths.  It focuses on teaching safety, working to improve safety laws, and helping make homes, schools, community centers and streets more child friendly.

Why Safe Kids and Orion?

Orion is always interested in new partnerships with local non-profits that impact our city.  And it’s nearly impossible to live in Memphis and not have a personal experience with the life-saving work LeBonheur does. Their Safe Kids program in particular seemed a perfect fit for a partnership, given its focus on educating parents and children by going out into the community – the same community where our members live and work, and their kids play.

Want to learn more and discover ways you can help?  Visit Safe Kids  Mid-South.