Trends Worth Following

821 Poplar, Medical District Artist's rendering of 821 Poplar, Orion's 10th Memphis location

Memphis – and Orion – is improving its urban design vocabulary.

Revitalization efforts like those underway in the Medical District focus on repurposing outdated real estate to fit the needs of a new era, in the hope of attracting new residents. Orion is excited to share in this effort.  We have a new branch that is nearing completion at 821 Poplar, on the corner of Dunlap across from LeBonheur.

As we close in on an opening date for what will be our 10th location, we wanted to share 4 trends we’re proud to call part of our design:

Greening of a brown site:  Due to its former life as a gas station, 821 Poplar had environmental contamination dating back to 1991 – especially bad considering its close proximity to a children’s hospital.  Before construction, we performed a site cleanup that involved excavating underground tanks and removing 15 feet of contaminated soil.

Sustainability.  In planning its construction, we gave priority to environmental sustainability, using resource-efficient building elements to ensure our branch will receive LEED certification.

Pedestrian Friendly.  We did everything we could to transform the corner into a comfortable, interesting and usable space for pedestrians. Our design features a landscaped common area with a covered portico and outdoor seating, bike racks, and street trees for shade along the sidewalk.

Improved Streetscape:  A swath of concrete with an unsecured structure, 821 Poplar wasn’t the prettiest corner in the Medical District when we purchased the property.  In rebuilding, we chose a variety of landscape elements and building materials to inject life, color, and texture to the site.