Congratulations to our NMI Fellow

Chatman Trevia HEADSHOTSpecial recognition is in order for our Business Development Officer Trevia Chatman, who recently completed New Memphis Institute’s Fellows Program.

Committing a year of her time was no small feat for the busy mother of 3. But she was determined to manage, since NMI’s mission struck a deep chord with her. “Our city is emerging and needs the younger generation to step up and take their place,” Trevia says. “There are far too many 40 and under professionals who look to move out-of-state. New Memphis challenges us to stay and do something greater than ourselves. This is the passion that fuels me.”

As part of the program, Trevia completed a Community Action Project with the National Civil Rights Museum. “I worked with a team of 4 individuals to develop a SMART plan for attracting a new generation to the NCRM.  Collaborating with like-minded professionals on this goal, and working behind the scenes with the museum’s senior leadership and board, was an awesome experience.”  In the midst of this, she also served on the committee for the museum’s first fund-raiser targeted at millennials.  She loved both experiences so much that she has committed to continue assisting their efforts to increase young people’s membership and engagement.

When asked for her biggest take-away from the program, Trevia shared, “There is so much negativity in the media that citizens – native Memphians in particular – can become numb to the beauty of their city. New Memphis reawakened my appreciation of my hometown, and gave me a greater sense of urgency to bring positive change. We all have to do our part to give the news something positive to report!

“The program gave me more energy to just get out here and help this city progress! I will take what I have learned and mesh it with Orion’s ideals of giving back to the community – particularly by helping end generational poverty through education initiatives.  Partnering with local schools, offering financial education classes to the community, is a necessity for us to move forward.”


NMI’s Fellows Program is a year-long engagement that gives high-potential, emerging leaders the tools, experiences and connections needed to become change agents, inclusive leaders and qualified city ambassadors.  To learn more, visit