Trends Worth Following, II

Our new Medical District Branch represents a step in a new direction for us. When it opens later this fall, you’ll find its design and operations follow the best in industry trends. Because it will be different from other Orion locations, we wanted to give you a rundown of what to expect the first time you visit 821 Poplar.

An Open Design with Teller Pods. Instead of lining up at a teller counter, you’ll be welcomed into an open space with individual workstations, or “teller pods.” At these, you’ll work side by side with our staff on simple service needs. For more personal and complex transactions such as loan applications and/or closings, we’ll still have dedicated offices for greater privacy.

Universal Bankers.  The distinction between Tellers and Financial Service Reps will be gone at our new branch.  Instead, you’ll be assisted by Universal Bankers – a single person who can help with any need, simple or complex. We combined these traditionally separate roles into one to give you greater continuity of service, eliminate wait times, and increase efficiency.

Teller Cash Recyclers (TCR). Both the open design and universal banker model are possible thanks to new smart tech, like cash recyclers – machines that eliminate the need for cash drawers (which the tellers cannot leave without reconciling and locking). TCRs improve cash-handling security and efficiency: in addition to counting money, they authenticate denominations, check for suspect bills, store cash for later transaction use, and dispense cash for transactions in any denomination mix.

We love these trends for their security and efficiency, but even more for the freedom they’ll give our associates to focus on the most important thing in the branch: you.