Orion Gives Back: The Bodine School

The Bodine SchoolOne of our favorite ways to learn more about the non-profits we support is through the stories of the leaders who serve them.  We feel especially lucky to share this month’s story, since it involves a long-time Orion member, John Murphy.

John Murphy is Head of School for The Bodine School.  Bodine is one of the few schools in the country – and the only one in Tennessee – that exclusively serves students with dyslexia.

“Before joining Bodine, I served as Dean at St. Dominic for almost 3 decades,” he says.  “Throughout that time, I worked with many students who had transitioned out of Bodine School. I was always amazed by their strong work habits and their ability to advocate for themselves.”

Witnessing first-hand Bodine’s impact on learning-disabled children sparked his desire to join the institution. “When I learned that they were seeking a new Head of School, I jumped at the opportunity.”

John Murphy, Head of School
John Murphy, Head of School, The Bodine School

Now he works daily to achieve their mission: leading the Mid-South in teaching dyslexic children to read and succeed.   Through their teacher training and support, summer reading program, and speaker series, Bodine’s reach has extended into Memphis’ urban areas.  Mr. Murphy takes great pride in the community resource they’ve become, and is passionate in his advocacy to continue these services.  “We are constantly on a mission to raise money for financial aid and the Erika Center, our outreach arm.”

Their upcoming Bodine Bash & Auction is their most important fundraiser of the year. “About 40% of our students receive tuition assistance,” he says.  “All money raised through this event is directed toward the Dick and Peggy Bodine Financial Aid Fund.”


To learn more about The Bodine School and how you can support them, visit www.bodineschool.org/supporters