ORION named Best Places to Work Finalist


In 2017, Orion FCU was chosen as a Memphis Business Journal’s Finalist for Best Places to Work.

In five words, how do you describe your company culture? Collaborative, innovative, creative, empathic, inclusive

In what ways does your company ensure its employees know they are valued? Beyond the incredible benefits from Orion’s HR department, there are always opportunities for employees to evolve as the company grows. Orion’s philosophy is to create an environment of constant learning through its training and support department, which offers classes on everything from emotional intelligence to professional development. Orion’s mentoring and job shadowing programs promote personal job growth and tenure. Orion initiated an Employee Engagement Team to combine goals, promote engagement of all employees, develop ideas and increase morale. Orion celebrates employees by granting paid time-off on their birthdays. There is also a company-wide bonus structure.

What steps do senior leaders take to create a great work environment for employees? Executives at Orion value relationships with their employees and promoting an open and approachable environment. There are no silos at Orion. We encourage collaboration and input from all levels and between departments. Communication with Orion employees and inclusiveness has always been a priority for senior leadership. It takes everyone at every level working together to elevate Orion’s service to Memphis.

How does your company create opportunities for individual professional development and career growth at all levels of the company? Orion has implemented a mentoring and job shadowing program to motivate employees and create an environment of professional growth. Managers believe in supporting the professional development and promotion of employees. The mentoring program provides leadership training opportunities for those seeking management roles.

What is your company’s approach to inevitable changes in the workforce, industry and/or market? Orion has embraced change for 60 years. More specifically in the past seven years, the company has addressed some adverse realities, changed course with new leadership and successfully evolved into the largest credit union in West Tennessee. Orion is constantly building industry and market knowledge through research, flexibility and an openness to incorporate innovation into everyday processes.

How does your company engage with its employees? Throughout Orion, there is a trust and engagement of social responsibility and common sense efforts to give back in the neighborhoods we serve. Orion encourages all employees to volunteer “on the clock” and organizes volunteer opportunities. This is a perfect way for an employee to share their talents or explore new abilities while serving our community.