Old Man Winter

Feel that chill in the air? Old Man Winter is here. Check out these tips to help you chill out as you prepare for winter:

1 Insulate your water lines. Three words: Foam rubber insulation. This helps increase efficiency and save energy!

2 Drain outside spigots. Drain them, then leave them open. That way, any remaining water can drain out and won’t freeze.

3 Clean debris from gutters. You don’t want it to freeze and block the water from draining!

4 Check your doors. You may need to add weather stripping!

5 Heating Units. Don’t get left in the cold…. Especially when you least expect it! A simple tune up can ensure you’ll be warm all winter long.

6 Check the antifreeze in your car. Make sure you’ve got it and it hasn’t gone bad.

7 Check your car tires’ tread and pressure.